The Essential Home Selling Guide

This home selling guide will help you sell your home successfully & with ease.

We help you understand the home selling process and prepare for all the important steps. Once you decide to sell there are many steps to work through before your house goes on the market. What is the value of your home? How can you prepare? Don't feel overwhelmed. We got you.

Step 1:

Decide to sell. DUH! I know. There is the option to keep your current home as an investment property. Or should you renovate it before selling it? Talk to a professional to figure out different options. Don't overthink it, but make sure you went through all your possibilities. 

Step 2:

Before even calling an agent, declutter. This won't trigger some fun memories but also will help you notice possible things you'll have to fix. 

Step 3:

How much is my home worth? That is one of the most important things to figure out of course. Different factors make up that number. You can google different home evaluation programs. We have one on our website (see sellers tab). No need to call, put in your address and you'll get a personalized home evaluation by our agent. (YES FOR FREE, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK TO US).

To get a good evaluation this information must be provided.

- Property type (ie detached, townhouse, bungalow, condo, commercial etc.

- Location, Square Feet, Size of land

- Comparable sales (ie similar homes that have sold in the neighbourhood)

- Current market trends (also historical trends)

- Property characteristics. Like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard, the home's age, garages and the size of the property’s footprint.

Get an estimated value by asking an agent to come and chat in person (AGENTS LOVE THIS). There is the option of a bank valuation and other desktop and automated valuations.

Step 4:

Pick an agent or sell yourself. "Of course, he says I should choose an agent"! But here is my honest list for selling with an agent instead of FSBO (for sale by owner). Make up your own mind:

Pro agent:

- If your home is on the higher end of the home value scale, you’ll most likely want to use a Realtor.

- They manage your offers. They also get you a higher price for your home. (more experience in negotiations and market knowledge will be useful)

- If photography is not a gift of yours, you might want to consider a realtor.  Many agents partner with photographers for all their listings, bringing the cost down due to repeat business.

- Most buyers discover homes through the MLS

- If you don’t want to use the Realtor and take your chances on the open market that’s fine too. Be aware that the majority of homes sold by owners average only 85% of the home price compared to listing it with a Realtor.

- Offering 3% to buyer’s agents does a lot to attract potential buyers.

- If you are in a rush to move and sell quickly; a Realtor will definitely be your best option.

- Realtors take care of all interested parties and potential buyers. That can eat up hours of your time.

- It is important to know the ins and outs of real estate contracts and liabilities as a seller.

Step 5:

How to prepare your home for selling.

- A cleaned home shows potential buyers that you've taken excellent care of your home. Don't forget ceilings, the inside of your closets, every corner and sparkling bathrooms. 

- Stage your home so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. This will establish an emotional attachment and sell your home for the highest price. (If you work with us we will take care of this part as well)

- Depersonalize your home. Remove all pictures of family and friends. Also, your kids' crafts from the fridge, hide your clothes as well as possible. Make sure the bathrooms don't have chewed toothbrushes laying around. Only soap and CLEAN towels.

- Make your home smell fresh, essential oils are great, air fresheners, candles and plants.

EXTRA TIP: Wipe down the kitchen sink with half a lemon, then grind it in the garbage disposal to remove sink odours.

- Give every room its defined purpose to show the space and potential use of each room.

- Keep your walls neutral and warm. We recommend taking down any wallpaper and painting over fancy colours. We don't want to scare away potential buyers.

- Stained carpets are gross and not trendy or handy. We recommend hardwood floors. working with us we can take care of that as well.

- Keep your house lit, open all curtains, turn on all the lights. Make sure all lightbulbs are working.

- Right furniture for each room. If the furniture is too big it can make the room look smaller. If the furniture is too small it looks cold and uninviting. Also, use pillows and blankets to give it a homey feeling.

- Make sure you fix any foundation problems like cracks in the walls.

- Make the entrance and front yard as appealing as possible. The first impression is the most important impression. Even the sidewalks should be clean.

- Buy fresh flowers and some apples to give it that fresh feeling.

Step 6:

- Set a date to list and potentially set an offer date. Depending on the market the best strategy could be to set a date to do an offer presentation. A professional agent will know what to do to get you the most offers for your home.

Step 7:


Want to have an easy conversation with a professional agent who has your best interest at heart? Call us TODAY or email us.

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